dental_servicesYou deserve the most modern dental care available. The field of dentistry is constantly experiencing changes and improvement.

New technology, materials, and methodologies are continually being developed. As part of our commitment to quality and to you, our patients, we constantly work to bring you the best care available.

Family and General Dentistry

Your entire family can be treated at Gateway Dental Care. We address problems ranging from bad breath, bleeding gums, and toothaches to gum disease and tooth decay. All of our services, from general dentistry and hygiene to advanced corrective procedures, benefit both children and adults.

Dr. Robert Barber and Dr. Christopher Erskine continually research and review independent studies — that is, studies that do not accept funding from biased sources — choosing the materials and treatments that will perform the best for patients of any age.

Pediatric Dentistry (Children’s Dentistry)

Establishing good oral care habits in children is the best way to prevent future dental problems. However, our care for children goes far beyond good hygiene and dental cleaning. Sports and activities can be to blame for chipped, cracked, broken, and missing teeth in young people. As Family Dentists in Arizona, we take extra care in solving young peoples’ dental problems gently and compassionately.

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